Pocket Parfum | Dark Bouquet
Pocket Parfum | Dark Bouquet

Pocket Parfum | Dark Bouquet

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A pocket full of absolute parfum.


Available in petite 4ml bottles.


Notes: Orange Flower, Cypress, Jasmine, Vetyver

Handmade in France, bottled in Auckland, New Zealand.


In the white heat of an empty day sits a boy with a secret.
He whispers, proud, into the wind: here it is.
But in his hands is dusty nothing, and arch feet glance harsh as they pass.

The problem is with parched eyes.
Look into his: he might look back; and shimmer-soft, a mist may come,
and you’ll see such a gasp of green – and steam–

Damp a curve of glass; you’ll make a mirror.
In his herb-dirt eyes I saw the world in wet:
here is the misted echo of that bright black forest.

Pocket Parfum | Dark Bouquet