Whetū Matariki

We tono you to hanga a whetū with the resources provided and either hang it in your own kāinga, or bring it back here to hang in our matapihi with others.


Tahi : Glue two sticks or twigs together in a cross. Use a strong glue like a hot glue gun or white glue, let it dry and set.

Rua : Take one colour of yarn and wrap it over and around one stick, then on a diagonal to the next stick and over and around it, on the diagonal to the next stick and over and around it, and so on. Continue for four or more turns around the cross, until the middle is as large as you want. Catch the tail of the yarn as you wrap, so it is held in place.

Toru : Tie a length of another colour of yarn onto the first one with a tight knot. Wrap the yarn around the arms of the cross as before. Make as many turns around the cross as you like to form a narrow or wide band of this colour. Repeat for each additional colour until finished. 

Whā : Glue the final yarn end to the back of the cross to hold it in place. Rima: Add some extra yarn to hang it from to either hang it in your own whare, or bring it back to Blackbird Goods to hang with the others.

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kuputaka | glossary

Matariki hunga nui - Whakatauki /Proverb about Matariki bringing us together tono - request, ask

hanga - make, create

whetū- star

kāinga - home

matapihi - window

whare - house